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We have been dedicated to the communities we serve for over 18 years. As a result we have unparalleled area-specific expertise!

Why People People Call US!

  • SELL FOR MORE. FSBO properties typically sell for as much as 20% less than those listed with a Realtor.
  • SELL QUICKER. We sell homes an average of 2 weeks faster than the competition. That’s HALF of another mortgage payment you didn’t have to pay.
  • WE SELL MORE. We've sold more homes in Eagle Mountain area than any other broker.
  • PROVEN MARKETING PLANS. Our marketing strategies are proven to attract buyers to our unique area.
  • NEGOTIATION SKILLS. We use empirical data, coupled with unmatched local market expertise to negotiate the best results for our clients.
  • ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. What's my home worth? What repairs should I do (and not do) before listing? We walk through all of that with you!

Sell Your Home in Less Time for More Money

With so many different websites that allow homeowners to list their homes for sale, many people are tempted to take the do-it-yourself approach. Selling a home requires much more than simply listing it on the internet however. Pricing, staging, advertising, showing and negotiating are all equally important aspects of selling real estate in today’s competitive market. Homeowners that list their home with an experienced Realtor find that their home sells in less time for more money.  Here’s why.

1We ensure your home is priced competitively...
At The Real Estate Group, we use current market statistics to determine the best price point for your home. Buyers are more willing to pay the asking price when it is competitively priced and listed with a Realtor. Buyers often make low-ball offers on FSBOs assuming that they should deduct the equivalent of a sales commission from the purchase price. They feel that they are entitled to the savings rather than the seller. As a result, FSBO properties typically sell for as much as 20% less than those listed with a Realtor.  The average FSBO really doesn’t know how to property value their real estate. Overpriced properties sit on the market for much too long. Sometimes sellers underprice their property not realizing that addressing certain issues that affect the value before putting it on the market enables them to command a higher sales price. An experienced Realtor can help you price your home to sell in less time and for more money.
2We bring more exposure to your listing...
Buyers don’t have time to search on multiple websites to find their ideal home. Instead, they turn to websites powered by the MLS because it is much more efficient. When you sell your home with The Real Estate Group, it is listed on Utah’s largest MLS where 97% of properties for sale can be found. Additionally, you home will gain exposure on our LIST HUB marketing engine and as well as our innovative mobile app. What’s more, agents from our company tour your home and it is searched against our in-house buyer database for matches. marketing-campaign
3We use the latest technology to your advantage...
Another challenge that FSBOs face is that potential buyers are hesitant to provide their personal contact information to a complete stranger. At the Real Estate Group, we have the ability to capture buyer information to follow up on the lead. Drive-by buyers call a toll-free number to listen to a description of the home, or text or scan to receive pictures and info on the property—anytime, day or night –on their smartphone or other compatible device.   We are happy to demonstrate how our technology works. We promise you’ll smile when you experience it action, knowing that we’ve figured out how to leverage every lead possibility for your benefit.  It’s that cool!
4Proven marketing campaigns for your property...
Regardless of the size or price of your property, you will be party to our comprehensive marketing plan when you list with The Real Estate Group. We are members of WFR MLS, Utah’s largest multiple listing service. Properties listed on the MLS receive more exposure than on any other online database or website. Using LIST HUB marketing engine, we also put your home on hundreds of high-traffic real estate websites including Zillow and Trulia. Our innovative mobile app also increases your exposure and attracts more buyers. Online marketing is more important than ever as this is where most buyers begin their home search. We market your home on the sites they are visiting.
5We negotiate effectively to save you time and headaches...
Buyers and sellers alike benefit from our skilled negotiating techniques. Properly priced homes ensure you receive the most money if you’re a seller and not overpaying if you’re a buyer. At The Real Estate Group, we use empirical data, coupled with unmatched local market expertise to negotiate the best results for our clients. Beyond the price, there are other important contract terms to be negotiated: closing times, allowances, contingencies, financing and more. We have the expertise to effectively negotiate all of these things to your advantage.
6We guide you through a streamlined process...
Completing a real estate transaction does not have to be arduous. We have intimate knowledge of the industry and the community, enabling us to simplify the process and complete it quickly. Trust us with any of your real estate needs. Contact us at 801.903.2520 for more information on our services.

List Your Home With Us

At The Real Estate Group, we have sold more homes in Eagle Mountain than any other broker. We know the market and have the experience to price your home right, attract more buyers and sell it quickly. Schedule your no-obligation listing consultation by calling The Real Estate Group at 801.903.2520. As a seller, you want to find the right buyer as soon as possible. Our agents have a strong reputation for providing fast, honest, and reliable service. They will make your property visible to all the potential buyers in Utah.
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