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July 15, 2015
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What’s My Home Worth in Eagle Mountain

There are many things you can do to increase the value and worth of your home. Start with painting your home. Did you know you could boost the home value by working on the aesthetics? By investing a couple hundred dollars, you can increase the home worth by up to thousands of dollars. Spending a thousand dollars on installing or upgrading the central heating of your home can also increase home value five-fold of your heating investment.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation are also crucial in raising the home worth. A new kitchen can account for an increase in the home value by as much as 4.6 percent. A new bathroom, on the other hand, will result in an increase of up to 2.88 percent onto the home worth.

If you are planning to add an extension of your home, please go ahead with it. That is a great idea. Did you know adding an extension augments the value of your home by as much as 11 percent? If working on the extension is out of the question, perhaps you might want to consider converting the attic into a loft. Working on this conversion can result in an increase in the selling price by as much as 12. 5 percent.

According to statistics, parking or garage is a crucial request among homebuyers. They want to have this feature into their prospective home. Ample kitchen and dining space are also a vital consideration for many homebuyers. Other factors that increase the home’s likelihood of being purchased include having ample number of rooms and considerable room sizes, the presence of a garden, and exquisite living spaces.

Enhancing Home Worth and Market Value

To be honest, you need not spend a boatload of money increase home worth. In fact, you can do so by redecorating your home. A few licks of paint and some adjustments in furniture arrangement can add value to your home by as much as 2.6 percent. Going green can also boost home worth by about 1 percent.

Decking and landscaping add aesthetic value to your home. In the same way, it increases home worth. Adding a deck or patio to your home can augment its value by as much as 2 percent. As for landscaping, tending a lovely garden helps sell your home at an added value of about 0.75 percent.

As mentioned above, homebuyers are looking to have ample parking space or garage. Thus, putting up a new driveway can result in a worthwhile return on investment. Even a relatively simple job can add value to 2.2 percent.

Professional Real Estate Services in Eagle Mountain

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